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The Carmel Data Platform (CDP) is on a mission to help leaders build a smarter and stronger community through the power of data analytics. Leaders need reliable data insights on top issues. CDP can help. With leading analytics products and curated data assets, CDP can deliver information to help leaders make better decisions. Until recently, large companies were the only ones with big data insights and advanced analytics tools. CDP is changing that by providing communities with a new kind of data analytics and visualization resource.


The Carmel Data Platform is created with -


→ A global team of over 30 Data Scientists

→ The best data available

→ Advanced analytics

→ Compelling visualizations to engage all stakeholders

What do you need to know to make better policy decisions? We’d love to hear from you.

“Community leaders don’t need a background in data science. They need a team of data scientists in the background.” – Alan Worden, Founder & CEO